Desire Hardmann

Ms. Hardmann hails from the Austin, Texas area but lives in Fortuna, Texas.

She began writing soon after a romance novel reading craze hit the men of Fortuna. With the men obsessed with reading and acting out favorite heroes and scenes, she decided to create her own stories she’d like played out (preferably on her).

2 cocks

A Short Erotic Romp 1

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Hi, I’m Carly and I visited the Lone Star Tavern with the hopes of bagging a wealthy cowboy. I found two: Tyler Lawson, a rodeo legend, and ranch owner, Liam Armstrong.

They both competed for my affection. Whichever cowboy could stay on the mechanical bull the longest would win me, well, my attention for the evening.

What if they tied?

How do I get out of this pickle?

And…. do I really want to?

Two Bulls

A Short Erotic Romp 2

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Hi, I’m Carly and I visited the rodeo with the hopes of having a bucking good time with my men: wealthy ranch owner Liam armstrong and bull riding legend Tyler lawson.

I found out a few things: Liam likes to watch, it turns me on, Tyler too, my men communicate with each other more than they let on, and I’ve got a surprise coming.

What started as three-way one night stand is becoming more.

Do my guys want more, and will my heart take it if they don’t?