No Wi-Fi!

Recently, I took a vacation. I had planned to scale back my writing and editing. However, circumstances forced to take a step back… way back. I had no Wi-Fi. Now you may think that isn’t a big deal, except coverage was spotty. So no Wi-Fi and no reliable cell signal. Ack! What’s a writer to do?

Occasionally, I would find a place that had Wi-Fi and could update my Dropbox. Coffee shops and bookstores to the rescue!

When I returned home I penned a poem to the tune of The Sound of Silence:
Hello Wi-Fi my old friend
I’m back to edit once again
Now that the data strongly streaming
Will redeem my stalled plot scheming 
And the funky dream planted in my mind
Words entwined
Can finally be published

I’m grateful for connectivity.  Now back to work. Happy writing!