Rochelle Bradley


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The Double D Ranch

The Double D Ranch
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 1

Longhorns and lingerie…           

Much to the chagrin of foreman Josiah, Jessie Davidson wants a romance reduction. But the Double D Ranch hides a secret. Since inheriting the property, Jessie kept her grandmother’s hoard concealed, but now she’s found the courage to purge the unwanted items: steamy novels, thousands of them. Romance has to go! Donating the books is a good thing, right? Not when coupled with a dare.

Will she shelve happily ever after like a rejected novel, or open her heart and start a new chapter?

Plumb Twisted
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 2

Karaoke and Kidnapping…

Piper McCracken needs a fresh start. Her father’s death, a failed engagement, and her ex-fiancé-turned-stalker prompt her to make a bold leap . . . from the Windy City to Fortuna, Texas. Piper feels ready to take on small town life—that is, until she’s erroneously proclaimed a shy cowboy’s mail-order bride. 

All Cole Dart really needs is his family and job working at the Big Deal ranch. After surviving cancer, his life is like a pair of broken-in boots. Comfortable. He doesn’t want the complication of a relationship now. Or ever. But when Piper’s stalker catches up to her, Cole’s protective instincts kick into high gear and he’s determined to step between her and danger, no matter the cost.

Will they find find happily ever after or will the stalker tear them apart forever?

More than a fantasy

More Than a Fantasy
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 3

One night changed everything.

Finally content single, second grade teacher Kelly Greene doesn’t need a man screwing up her plans, even a sexy cop like Ben. All she needs is her rechargeable double A batteries.

Operation: Win Kelly.

For Officer Ben Moore repairing a creepy Victorian house, a workplace dalliance, and camping au naturel are beyond his comfort zone. Ben schemes to bring Kelly’s fantasies alive, but in Fortuna, Texas, where men read romance and cos-play is second nature, it’s hard to keep their rendezvous hidden from gossipmongers and, more importantly, her match-making momma.

Municipal Liaisons
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 4

Coming Fall 2019!

After his wife died in a flash flood, the mayor of Fortuna, Texas, Jasen Delay, delved into work. Two years later, he’s still wearing the placating smile. In front of the courthouse, he spies an out-of-town entourage. The spring temperature rises like his curiosity. But nothing warms his soul like the beauty who steps out of the van and into the morning sunshine.

From first glance, the small Texas town of Fortuna captivates Michaela. Though it needs a little face-lift, most of the residents, especially men, keep their noses glued to the pages of romance novels. Her own curiosity piqued Mick takes on the challenge of opening the eyes of City Hall to Fortuna’s potential beyond the bookshelves. The longer she stays in the cozy town the more it feels like home, especially with the young, sexy mayor giving her VIP treatment.