The Secret Shelf


Available February 14 as part of the Kaleidoscope Hearts 3 Anthology!

I’m Kate, and I work in a dream store full of local artisans’ wares and indie authors’ books. At the Secret Shelf rumors fly and maybe a dragon or ghost or two. Okay, not dragons.

Besides helping someone find the perfect book—yes, I have read at least one from each author, my other jobs include, but are not limited to, coaxing the statuesque new girl away from the customer service desk, dodging my boss, sipping Blissful Beans, and crushing on Brody.

Brody—what can I say beyond yum? He could have stepped out of a skinny jean ad. Hair with highlights I’d paid for, manicured hands, smells like heaven, and has a tight—well, you get the idea.

Too bad he’s gay.

First available as part of the Kaleidoscope Hearts 3 Anthology.

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