Something Grimm This Way Comes

Book Cover: Something Grimm This Way Comes
Editions:ePub: $ 2.99
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🍎Once upon a time…🥀
There were two brothers who collected tales from their homeland and put them in a book. Stories of magical creatures and horrible fates. Princesses who fell under enchantment and princes who came from the countryside to save them.
These are not those stories.
And we are not those brothers.
Come along with us as we re-spin stories long since told and bring them to vibrant new life. Tales of enchantment and grand adventure, of romance and the gentle blossoming of love… Darkness and the terror of the night coming to claim you. If you were looking for the classic stories from your childhood, look away now, because these are not like any tale you’ve heard before.
Join us as we reimagine the Grimm Fairy Tales as magical new stories of fantasy, romance, and maybe even a little bit of horror thrown in for good measure in this limited edition collection from award-winning and best-selling authors.
The Sisters penned, their Tales begun, now...
Something Grimm this way Comes.

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