Plumb Twisted

Welcome to Fortuna, Texas where the men read romance novels. Plumb Twisted is a spicy, heartwarming, romantic comedy set in the small town of Fortuna and can be read as a standalone or as the second in the Fortuna, Texas series.

Karaoke and Kidnapping...

Piper McCracken needs a fresh start. Her father’s death, a failed engagement, and her ex-fiancé-turned-stalker prompt her to make a bold leap . . . from the Windy City to Fortuna, Texas. Piper feels ready to take on small town life—that is, until she’s erroneously proclaimed a shy cowboy’s mail-order bride.

Hired as a personal assistant to Jessie Barnes, Piper becomes much more: friend, beta tester, and . . . intimate apparel model? With a three-legged cat, fake news, drunken karaoke, romance novel obsessed men, a cocky old lady, and a perverted town prankster, Piper finds Fortuna plumb twisted.

All Cole Dart really needs is his family and job working at the Big Deal ranch. After surviving cancer, his life is like a pair of broken-in boots. Comfortable. He doesn’t want the complication of a relationship now. Or ever. But when Piper’s stalker catches up to her, Cole’s protective instincts kick into high gear and he’s determined to step between her and danger, no matter the cost.

When a tornado rips through town, Cole’s home is strewn across the county, can Piper help him pick up the pieces and find happily ever after or will the stalker tear them apart forever?


When Cole and Piper arrived at the truck stop, Cole flagged down the owner, Norma Stitts. She waved them in. He took Piper’s elbow and led her to a booth.

Piper inspected the bookshelf by the door, then gazed around the room, taking it all in. Cole tried not to stare, but it proved hard not to watch her first encounter with a Texas truck stop.

“There are three men reading romance novels,” she said in awe. Packed with men, but also a few women and children, Stitts’ was hopping.

“I’m surprised it’s not more,” Cole said, rubbing his chin.

“Really?” Piper’s eyes widened.

“See that bookshelf? It’s a major exchange center for the book trade.”

“Book trade?”

“You’ll have to ask Miss Jessie about how it started,” Cole explained.

“Mrs. Barnes, my boss?”


“Yes. Sorry, I’ve called her Miss Jessie for years.”

A man entered the restaurant, placed two books on the shelf, then ran his finger down the spines in the line and pulled out another. He paused, reading the back.

“Do you see that man?” Cole asked, and she nodded. “He’s a farmer. Owns a couple hundred acres, a modest spread, and he loves romances.”

The farmer pocketed the book. He picked out two more before leaving.

“Ah, romance books. This is what you meant yesterday?” Her cheeks pinked.

“Yes.” He cleared his throat, which had suddenly gone dry. “It started with a personal challenge to one man, a dare. He didn’t back down. He liked the books and dared others. Then it spread like wildfire on dry prairie grass.”

They ordered and sipped the rich dark coffee. “This is good.” Inhaling deeply, she gripped the ceramic mug as if it held ambrosia.

He leaned back and relaxed. Warmth spread through his body, happy to have pleased her.

“So who dared you?” she asked.

He nearly spit coffee.

“I mean, why do you read them?”

“I like the stories.”

“You mean you like the sex.” She tilted her head and grinned.

Sure, he liked the steamy scenes, but that wasn’t the whole reason he read them. “I like happy endings,” he offered with a shrug. She raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Okay, I like the hot scenes, but only because of the love.” He swallowed.


The waitress placed food on the table, saving him. They ate in silence except for an occasional comment about the flavor of the food. After Piper pushed an empty plate away, she asked, “Are all cowboys like you?”

Uh oh. “Like, how?”

“You know, crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside?”

Cole laughed. “Most likely,” he answered, as another man took more books.

“I don’t like romance stories,” she admitted in a quiet voice. Before he could ask, she explained, “The heroines are too soft. I don’t like to read about weak women. Plus, those men always have movie star looks, amazing careers and are billionaires. You can’t find your soulmate in a romance book.”

“But you might find personality traits you like,” he offered. She shrugged, not buying it. “I don’t see the women as weak—only flawed, with obstacles to overcome.”

“I suppose everyone has flaws.”

“What’s yours?” he asked with a smirk.

“Liking the wrong type of men,” she muttered.

His stomach clenched. “That’s a cop-out answer.” He’d unfairly asked, so he offered his shortcoming. “I’m self-conscious about my looks.”

She inspected him critically and sweat broke out across his forehead. “Most people are.”

He leaned close and whispered, “It keeps me from talking and interacting with people. I get nervous and won’t go places if there’s a crowd.” It had been years since the operation and it still affected him.

“You’re fine, Cole. You’re more than fine.” Piper shifted in her seat and leaned forward. “Look, you’re out talking to me and I’m a stranger and a woman.”

He nodded. “Normally, I’d be a basket case of nerves.”

“Looks are all personal taste. Someone might think you’re ugly or someone might think you’re the sexiest man alive. The thing you have to ask yourself is: does their opinion matter to me?” She smiled sweetly over the rim of her mug.

“What’s your opinion?” he blurted, needing to know.

“Does it matter to you what I think?”

“Yes. It matters greatly.” It was true, but he didn’t want to ask himself why. The smile that lit her face made his heart hitch. She set her coffee down.

“Well, Cole, I like the crunchy-gooey combo. It’s very appealing.” She blushed, long eyelashes hiding her eyes as she looked at the table. “I find you…” she paused, drumming her fingers against the side of her mug.

“Pretty, right?” A short, old woman said as she slid into the booth next to Cole and pinched his cheek. “This one’s a hot tamale.”

“Hello, Ms. Hardmann.” Cole’s face felt like the temperature of the sun. He rubbed his cheek. “This is Piper McCracken. Piper this is Desire Hardmann.”

“Hello, young lady.” Desire took Piper’s hand and squeezed. With a wink, she yelled over her shoulder to a man in a white apron, “Hey, Hugh Stitts! Come over here and meet Cole’s Russian mail-order bride.”

Reviews:JB Richards on IHI BOOK REVIEW PROJECT wrote:

A Romantic Comedy With A Real Twister!

Overview: All hell breaks loose when Piper McCraken arrives in Fortuna, looking for a fresh start after her life takes a turn for the worse. Piper is still reeling from the effects of a broken engagement, but Big Deal ranch-hand, Cole Dart, just can’t seem to get the diminutive firecracker off his mind, especially since Fate keeps pushing the pair together.

Author Rochelle Bradley pens a rollicking romantic comedy in “Plumb Twisted”, her second chapter in the Fortuna, Texas Novel series with high-spirited characters and a tempestuous plotline filled with lots of ups and downs for both the townsfolk and her two main characters.

As the story develops, both lead characters—Piper and Cole— are determined to avoid dating in order to concentrate on themselves after surviving a series of personal tragedies that include childhood abandonment, a bout with cancer, the recent death of loved ones, and failed romances. But Author Bradley, along with the townsfolk of Fortuna, however, have other plans, bringing the independent, plucky blond and handsome but shy cowboy together in the most peculiar and often hilarious circumstances. In a stroke of comedic genius, Bradley keeps adding just the right touch of humor to a story that would otherwise be tragic.

“Plumb Twisted” is just what the title promises; a great story with a strong female lead who’s life undergoes a series of twists and turns that will have readers laughing and crying at the same time. I highly recommend this kick-your-heels-up, rip roarin’ romantic comedy with somewhat of a surprise ending for ages 17 and up.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Patricia on Books to Curl Up With wrote:

Welcome back to the ranch, Jessie and Josiah are working hard at her business and the ranch. When Jessie hires a new hire named Piper. McCracken as her personal assistant Piper is ready to take on small town life until she blurts out that she is a mail order bride for a shy cowboy. Cole Dart. Between the meddling cocky old lady, romance reading men . fake news and a display of the funniest drunken karaoke ever . Piper thinks that Fortuna is plumb twisted crazy. When Cole and Piper come up against her ex fiancé, stalker. They grow closer and Cole feels he needs to protect Piper from all. Will they get their happily ever after or will Justin and his scheming rip them apart for good.

This is the second book in the series and most of the characters from book one are back with some new members of the party. Piper is well lets just say she comes off as a mouse and scared of her own shadow at the beginning. Like all good characters we see her really start to grow and become a cocky cow girl that fits right in with the rest of the clan at the Double D ranch. She does have her man I am a stupid woman moments through out the book which makes her even more realistic in my eyes. Cole well Cole has been put through the wringer. Coming back from cancer all he wants is his family and to work again. He is sweet but also so shy when it comes to certain things. He is also very protective of those he loves and takes care of. I just wanted to hug him and tell him every thing will be ok.

Now Justin well I just wanted to slap him and make him go away. He is creepy and gets creepier as the story goes on. You just can't trust him in any way shape or form.

This book is funny and sweet also it does takes on a dark side towards the end. You really want the good guys to win and Justin to get what is coming to him. The author adds just the right amount of laughter and steamy. The characters are well written and you will fall for all of them. There were a few spots where I felt like it kind of drug just a little and it could of been shortened just a little. Overall I truly enjoyed this book and would love to read the next book in the series. So check it out for an afternoon read.

Liberty Ireland on Dark 'n Twisty Books wrote:

What a fun and awesome book!! I loved every bit of it!! Piper and Cole (two of my favorite names) are two just-wild-enough characters in a plot filled with ups and downs. They are perfect for one another though far be it from them to admit the truth about how they feel! It was a perfect romance, filled with all kinds of feels, humor and just the right amount of embarrassment. Their backgrounds were so realistic that I just loved what a great couple they became over the course of the storyline. The book reads smoothly and is over long before you want it to be.

Rochelle Bradley writes truly great stories. Such talent. They are sweet yet steamy, show us the reality of loving someone and always have the perfect villain that we all LUURVE to hate. I highly recommend this kick-butt RomCom with a twist saved for the very end for ages 18 and older.