Pandemonium in Peoria

pandemonium in peoria
Part of the The Boba Book Babes Mysteries series:
  • Pandemonium in Peoria
Editions:ePub: $ 5.99
ISBN: 9781947561205
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Paperback: $ 13.99
ISBN: 9781947561212
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in

Pandemonium in Peoria Book 1 of The Boba Book Babes Mysteries by CJ Warrant and Rochelle Bradley. Now on Kindle Unlimited. Available July 13, 2022. Join the Boba Book Babes Mysteries Facebook group.

Hanging with the Boba Book Babes at the Pandemonium in Peoria book event is supposed to be fun… schmooze with her favorite authors, buy books, and take pictures with the sexy AF male cover models. What Gina DiCaprio didn’t expect is to see her high school crush, Austin Blackmoor, and to find her favorite author dead with a phallus sucker shoved down his throat.

Not only is she a suspect, but another murder occurs right under her nose and now more than one attendee is on the suspect list. With the missing assistant who might have the answers to the murders, Gina and the Boba Book Babes stumble onto clues that might help clear her name and uncover the killer.

Austin Blackmoor didn’t count on a murder–least of all two, happening at the Pandemonium event. But reconnecting with his first love is the only highlight of the weekend. With each passing hour, they rekindle their attraction while the killer is on their heels. Austin will have to do everything to save the woman he’s not willing to lose again.

Can the Boba Book Babes uncover the killer before someone else dies? Will Gina and Austin get a second chance at love? Stick around for the after-party to discover the truth behind the Pandemonium in Peoria.

Reviews: Kayla Tate on Bookbub wrote:

I was so fortunate to receive an ARC copy of Pandemonium in Peoria, by Rochelle Bradley and CJ Warrant. This book is first in its series, and good lord, but I cannot wait for the rest. I haven't enjoyed a book that much in a while. I loved it!

This book is a combination of murder mystery, comedy and romance. With a group of hilariously raunchy friends who attend a Book Event together. Their antics are side splitting and their chemistry just makes the entire book. They are 4 wacky women (2 of which are twin sisters) who are seriously obsessed with their favorite authors and the gorgeous male models that grace the covers of their various books.

During all the excitement of the Event, the female MC, Gina runs into her long lost crush and is in for the surprise of her life and a shot at rekindling that never-gotten-over first love. Life is perfect. Well, that is, until you stumble upon a dead body or two.

There is true Pandemonium in Peoria, and it is a hilariously, raunchy ride with murders, twists and some sweet, sweet romance on the side.

Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this read!

N. Henderson on Amazon wrote:

I received an Advanced Reader Copy and am voluntarily reviewing it. The Boba Book Babes are four best friends that get together at book shows. The Pandemonium in Peoria is not their usual book event but it had some good authors and cover models that could not be passed up. Brandy, Samantha and the twins Gina and Cyndi DiCaprio. Gina had come for one thing only, to get a better look at her book boyfriend, Austin Blackmoor. Austin turns out to be a friend from Gina and Cyndi’s childhood. Gina and Philly connected immediately. A love story in the middle of pandemonium.

This book is also a mystery. A really good whodunnit that will have readers unable to figure out who the killer is. Two deaths and a kidnapping take place in this small town author event. Readers will fall in love with the Boba Babes and won’t want to let Austin go. He is a part of the group now.

I can’t wait to see who finds love next. This story definitely grabs your attention and keeps you captivated until the end.

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