Part of the Dragons of Ellehcor series:
  • Dragunzel

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Once upon a time... a witch imprisons a girl in a tower until a handsome prince climbs her hair to rescue her.

Scratch that...

Once upon a time... a girl falls through a magic portal knocking out a dragon shifter prince, then gets thrown into a tower for being a witch.

Dragunzel was part of the Something Grimm This Way Comes Anthology released October 31, 2022. Thirteen Grimm fairy tale retellings that reinvent the way you view happily ever afters. It has now been extended almost double the size.

Publisher: Epic Dreams Publishing
Dragunzel excerpt from Casey's POV:
She pushed a box full of bags of coffee. Of all the things Arianna couldn’t get anymore, she missed coffee the most. The box was pulled in and fell immediately to the ground.
“Ouch!” a rumbling voice yelled. “Son of an ice drake.”
She sighed. She never could do anything right when it came to the handsome shifter. He made her so nervous her tongue tied in knots, and she became the klutz of the century.
Casey chewed her lower lip, waiting for his brooding face to appear and chastise her. Or would he shift? His fierce maw with razor-sharp teeth produced a menacing smile.
Long fingers gripped the branch. Jett had rolled the shirtsleeves of his princely button-down shirt. His muscled arms pulled his sinewy body up with ease.
When he turned toward her, his lips tipped downward in his patented frown and his brow crinkled in a glower. But a red bump marred the center of his forehead.
Casey gasped and tears pooled in her eyes. “Oh Jett,” she whispered. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—”
“It’s nothing.” His harsh expression softened. “Look,” he pointed to the spot, which had already returned to a normal color. “I heal fast.”

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