Part of the Secrets of the Fallen series:
  • Descended
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Originally published in Kaleidoscope Hearts Vol 4 available from February 14 to May 14, 2022.

While paroling for feral supernatural beasts, Ele stumbles across Micah, a not-so-average human who is being hunted by an evil force.


Descended from a fallen angel, Ele’s ability to sense magic hasn’t conjured up her true mate. After three centuries of waiting, she’s taken her sexual frustrations out on feral supranatural beings who threaten humankind. When she meets Micah, an ordinary, albeit handsome, human needing protection, the last word to come to mind is mate.


Micah’s life began at fourteen when he awoke in the hospital scarred, his memory wiped, and the plaguing sensation of being watched. His paranoia grew as he aged until he stumbled upon an underground, supernatural network that protects and hides the innocent. At one stop, he’s drawn to a beauty and leaves the safety of his hiding place to meet her.

Ele’s stumped as to why Micah is threatened by a magical evil force. Is it something to do with his secret past? Why is he hunted? Can she protect him from the unseen while fighting her growing attraction to the human?

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