The Fortuna Dare Society: A Book Club for Men

Canon fortuna dare society
Part of the The Fortuna Dare Society series:

At a meeting of the “Fortuna Dare Society: a Book Club for Men,” Canon Berns is dared to cosplay a superhero while on a date—and the only woman who comes to mind is Albie, his shy, frumpy neighbor.

When fire rips through their apartment complex, Canon rescues Albie from her smoke-filled bedroom. The blaze leaves them homeless, until Canon’s Grammie offers them sanctuary in the unoccupied side of her duplex.

Canon likes Albie, but what happens at book club doesn’t necessarily stay at book club. Will Albie be turned off by the club members and the Fortuna townsfolk prying into the dare, their lives, and their date? Or will she turn out to be his happily ever after?

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