Beauty from Ashes

Authors & Dancers Against Cancer Anthology

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Editions:Paperback: $ 25.00
ISBN: 979-8668014750
Pages: 754

Published July 27, 2020 for charity. Available in paperback and ebook for three months.

Beauty from Ashes
Authors & Dancers Against Cancer Anthology
19 Amazing Authors, Different Genres, & One Great Cause

Penny Anglene-Zeke -Ink Fusion Book 3
C.J. Baty- Why Me? Why Now?
Rochelle Bradley- The Playboy's Pretend Fiancee
Chelsea Camaron- Beauty In It
Ruth A. Casey- The Red Slippers
Aliya Dalrae- A Dance for Lily Rose
AJ Downey- When the Stars Align
R.S. James- It Begins With You
Mandi Konesni- Of Strength & Courage
Victoria Perkins- Suffers' Land
Ember Phoenix- Lulu's Broken Melody
Vera Quinn- Healing from the Destruction
Jaime Russell- Fight Like A Girl
Miranda Shanklin- Mystical Dancer
Parker Stevens- To Dance Again
Chianti Summers- Promise To Dance
Darlene Tallman- Cupcakes, Kisses, & Miracles
CJ Warrant- Four Days

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Reviews:garlicklynne on wrote:

I love anthologies! I get to catch up with authors I know and I get to meet new to me authors whilst donating to a fantastic cause and this anthology ticks all those boxes and more.

What a heartbreakingly beautiful anthology! Each story within individually, deserves five stars for the emotions that they all evoke. By the time I was spent! Promise to Dance by Chianti Summers, to name just one of these amazing stories made me feel EVERYTHING!!

Congratulations to everyone involved!