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Once upon a time… a witch imprisons a girl in a tower until a handsome prince climbs her hair to rescue her.

Scratch that…

Once upon a time… a girl falls through a magic portal knocking out a dragon shifter prince, then gets thrown into a tower for being a witch.

Dragunzel was part of the Something Grimm This Way Comes Anthology released October 31, 2022. Thirteen Grimm fairy tale retellings that reinvent the way you view happily ever afters. It has now been extended almost double the size.

Free Kaleidoscope Hearts 5 Anthology

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Around every corner and even right in front of you, love is spinning fabulous stories.

The Kaleidoscope Hearts are back, bringing together another collection of stories and poetry that exemplifies love in all its swirling colors.

Tales of romances gone awry, emotions that heal the heartbroken, to stories that tell us to love ourselves for who we are, each writer in this collection has poured their heart into crafting a piece that will make you fly, or fall, or jump with joy to discover what it means to find that “L” word.

And this year, for our Daisy Anniversary, five whole volumes of love you won’t want to miss, the Hearts have gathered together twenty writers whose hearts are laid bare upon the pages of this collection. It is sure to offer something for everyone. Fans of traditional romances, or fantastical ones, to poetic musings on the power of love, this anthology will captivate you.

Grab a cozy blanket, pour yourself a warm drink, and settle in for a journey of love, heartache, triumph, and passion, all drawn together within the pages of this collection.

Go on, pick an author to start with, after all, everybody knows that the petals of this daisy end with:

They Love Me

Gina Ardito, Grace Augustine, Linda Boulanger, Rochelle Bradley, Edward Buatois, Kevin Chapman, Cary Comas, Aliya DalRae, Jennifer Daniels, Laura Hern, Chris Jones, Andi Lawrencovna, Catherine Marcum, Shayne McClendon, Kristine Raymond, Trisha Ryann, James M. Tolliver, Kali WIllows, SE Winters, & Mary R. Woldering

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Something Grimm This Way Comes 99¢ Pre-order

Something Grimm This Way Comes  is available for 99¢ preorder!

Once upon a time

There were two brothers who collected tales from their homeland and put them in a book. Stories of magical creatures and horrible fates. Princesses who fell under enchantment and princes who came from the countryside to save them.

Something Grimm

These are not those stories.

And we are not those brothers.

Come along with us as we re-spin stories long since told and bring them to vibrant new life. Tales of enchantment and grand adventure, of romance and the gentle blossoming of love… Darkness and the terror of the night coming to claim you. If you were looking for the classic stories from your childhood, look away now, because these are not like any tale you’ve heard before.

Join us as we reimagine the Grimm Fairy Tales as magical new stories of fantasy, romance, and maybe even a little bit of horror thrown in for good measure in this limited edition collection from award-winning and best-selling authors.
The Sisters penned, their Tales begun, now

Something Grimm this way Comes.

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Dragonfly Wishes is available on Audible

Dragonfly Wishes

Now Available for Audiobook!

I’m pleased to announce Dragonfly Wishes is now for sale on Audible. You can listen while your work or drive.

The story is about three and a half hours  and narrated by Samantha Novak. 

I’m excited to enter the world of audiobooks and look forward to getting more of my novels narrated. 

Do you like audiobooks? What’s your favorite genre to listen too?

Here We Go Again is available for 99¢ preorder.

Preorder Here We Go Again for 99¢

Coming April 5, 2021… Get the 5th story in the Fortuna, Texas series. This sweet, heart-warming, second chance romance is available for preorder for 99 cents.

Get to know Lynette Dart (Cole from book 2’s sister) and Les Moore (Ben from book 3’s brother) as they are thrown together years after a tragedy.

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Lynette Dart had no intention to see her first love again. There are too many painful memories and a secret. But when Les returns to Fortuna, her heart aches to rekindle the relationship.

Les Moore hadn’t planned on bumping into his ex let alone rescuing her. Yet holding her once more feels right, even if seven years ago she’d abandoned him in his hour of need.

Can Lynette and Les put the past behind them and find their happily ever after?

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