Rochelle Prophesies Prophecy In Near Future

On the continent of Anaglacia, a glowing moonstone is said to be the key to an ancient mystery.  The stone is rumored to be a remnant of the Moon clan, a people who have fallen into myth if they ever did exist.

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Eudora, the blind seer of the eastern Gizlis mountains, is a local resident and expert on the stone. “The ancient race of people left the moonstones as a communication tool. Only those with special sight can see and understand the message on the surface,” she says.

Is the stone from the people of old or could it be trickers, who aim to confuse the common folk?

“Some say the Moon Clan others say the Elves but no one knows for certain,” Eudora says. Eudora offers herbal remedies to the villagers in the small mountainside town she calls home. The superstitious townsfolk believe in all kinds of legends including snowcats, weres, and the mysterious Moon clan.

Len’nora Baristaran of Eventide, the Mai and peacekeeper for all Anaglacia, claims she is able to see the text on the glowing stone but can also decipher the runes. “It says there are more moonstones hidden in Anaglacia and to understand the prophecy all the stones must be found,” Len’nora informed.

King Durust Berk and his son, Prince Riordan, insist Len’nora is speaking the truth. They witnessed a phenomenon on the winter solstice. When asked to describe the incident both were momentarily at a loss for words.

“It (the moonstone) is an ancient landmark rumored to be placed by the Elves. I have seen this rock many times in my childhood, but the markings were not there,” the Prince recalls.

A sound, like a cannon blast, echoed through the woods. The trees bent as a wave of air undulated outward. Above the trees, piercing the night sky was a beam of white light. From an unknown source, the shaft of light journeyed heavenward to the moon. Later the “Source” was reported to be none other than the fabled moonstone.

“Energy filled the air.” Durust Berk, King of Ormanda

The Berks described the moonbeam as a giant “shaft of light” that caused the Mai’s hair to move as if awakened. Both men were awed by her ethereal appearance, her ability to read the ancient language and to enter the ray of light without being burned. “Energy filled the air,” King Durust Berk remembered.

Len’nora called the glowing boulder the “origin” and now plans to seek out other moonstones. Rumor has it that when all the stones have been found a prophecy will be revealed. The prophecy is thought to be about the peacekeeper and bringing unity to the Anaglacian peoples. Are the Moon clan elvish peoples and do they exist at all? What great mystery will be divulged when the moonstones are found and read?

If you find any moonstones please comment below or send word to Eleazar in Concordia. He will forward messages to the Mai. Stay tuned for frequent updates on the moonstone search.

As always, happy writing! ~Rochelle

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